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Aruna and Raghavan: Shikshayatan School:Abodes of Learning

Presentation Abstract

QuadSeek is a teaching / learning methodology that attempts to bring about a synthesis of the physical, the mental and the intellectual to create a balanced spirit in a seeker be he a teacher / mentor or a taught. The synthesis is brought about in the learning structures created by a teacher / mentor keeping in mind the natural orientations of the taught. QuadSeek also takes into account that while the mind learns by differentiating, the spirit lives by synthesising. It is for the adult who is mentoring to lead from differences into creating a synthesis. The presentation will be about how, inspite of having to work within frameworks set by governments, we apply the above philosophies in class, our success and some of our experiments that are still underway. That QuadSeek is being applied successfully in rural areas, towns like Vapi and cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad.