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Ashok Subramaniam: A brief about Sociocracy3.0 (S3)

Presentation Abstract

Complex and fast changing environments are outpacing the capacity of institutions/communities/organisation to respond adequately to the growing needs of our people/environment.
In order to respond to these chaotic changes in the world today,we constantly need to create a precise response effectively keeping the harmony within the institution/community/organisation intact.

Sociocracy3.0 offers effective tools for

How do you respond quickly & effectively to changing contexts?
How do you build effective people engagement to achieve deep collaboration with individual accountability?
How do you progress forward when there are deep differences about the decisions make, amongst team members?
How do you tap the collective intelligence of your team to be able to use the most useful wisdom amongst the members of your organisation, instead of loosing time in listening to each other in a team meeting?
How do you help your employee prioritise work & do what needs to be done to create the most value for your organisation?