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Pooja Pandit: Unboxing The Earth School

Presentation Abstract

The Earth School was founded in 2008 with a vision to create a nurturing space, where children as natural learners are honoured, and community is the driving force that helps the individual reach their potential. The Earth School is guided by the Montessori approach to serving children, with an equal measure of head and heart. At The Earth School children drive their learning and construct meaning through their explorations with guidance from the adult. There is freedom balanced with accountability. Our emphasis on free play helps children understand and challenge their physical, creative and social selves.
The children of will present an ‘unboxing’ of The Earth School’ through movement, sharing, poetry and even a comic strip! The guides will provide a glimpse into the journey that we at The Earth School have been on over the last decade.A space that has grown to nurture the spirits of children, parents and guides.