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Samskaara School: Going with the flow” In search of the river and much more.....

Presentation Abstract

Children are water. They flow, seeking their own space, yet ready to be shown the way. Sometimes they resist and carve out their own path. They can be impatient, restless, aggressive and then, just as swiftly, gentle, amenable and calm. They rush, jump, fall and play. Meander, loll, laze and stay. They infuse life into our lives. They help us grow. Children, like water, sustain our thirst for learning.
At Samskaara Academy, Coimbatore, facilitators were swept away by the unquenchable desire of our children to revive our rivers, starting with our own precious Noyyal. Drop by drop, their learning grew, spreading in endless streams of knowledge, in countless directions. We are at IDEC this year to share our journey with you; one that has just begun.