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Presentation Abstract

We belong to an institution which believes in humanity and works on the principle of democracy. It promotes experiential learning and is driven by the goal of revolutionizing the education system in India. We are a part of 'Shashvat Concept School'.
The 21th. Century is characterized by an understanding of human values and aims to spread democracy around the globe.
Helping in this aim we the shashvatians have undertaken several projects. Let’s have a glance at some of the spectacular projects.

1. Reader becomes leader book stall

To outwit pollution in Amravati
To promote reading culture
We learn how to interact with different people

2. Amravati a time travel

To inculcate a reverence for the regional culture
Conversation with the intellectuals from different backgrounds
While exploring we discovered astonishing facts about our home town

3. Journey through the dynamic states of India

To inculcate writing skills
To understand the diversity of Indian subcontinents
We went on a virtual expedition

4. A rebel against an advertisement

An ad published by Archie’s on the website portal and Go Air Magazine
The ad shows two kids who are 8- 10 years old , in pornographic setup which completely violated sections 13c, 14a , 15 from chapter 3 and 4 at POCSO act.
Met lawyers and professionals under whose guidance we launched a complaint to the commissioner
Conducted press conference to create awareness about such acts taking place in society and how to deal with them
This gave us a healthy exposure, developed our communication skills and filled us with self confidence.
We meet commissioner and collector and explored bureaucratic system.

5. Tandul and khadi mahatsav

To help the farmers directly sell their produced to the consumers as we discovered their problems in the economic system.
We learner how to persuade people and also develop an understanding about agriculture
We learnt how to adulterate products and how adulteration affects our lifestyle
We learnt the importance of khadi

6. Science Expo

Exhibited 100 science experiments to different schools and regional public
Carried the experiments to the remote areas of Melghat
Learnt science in a fun way
Promoted education for all and generated curiosity among those children

7. 3 R’s for Plastic

Seeing the poor condition of the empty landfills, roadside and the public places filled with dozens of plastic bags we decided to go against plastic. ‘Mission plastic ban’.
We started it from our home and tried to reduce the use of plastic. Our second home is our school, we started spreading awareness about alternatives we can use instead of plastic and also introduced the 3R principle.
Then we headed to other people and by the time even government felt that it was a serious issue and is to be taken in consideration and so our respected chief minister of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadanvis declared plastic ban in Maharashtra.

8. Scientific temper

While going through the constitution we came across scientific temper
We shared it with the Government Engineering College
The process includes asking questions, doing background research, framing hypothesis, experimenting, and then reaching a conclusion
It helped us to create judgment skills and may help the democracies to take fair discussions