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John Buck: Democracy...Sociocracy… And Even Beyond

Presentation Abstract

Democratic education at its elemental core is about school, teacher, parent, and child working and learning together. If we are truly learning, there is constant development happening. So,

What would it mean for Democratic Education to be continually developing?
What can make the democratic process sturdy and yet have flexibility to integrate developing modern practices?
What would it mean to go (even) beyond democracy as it is understood and practiced today? For example, sociocracy.

This interactive presentation will give you a conceptual background to the film about sociocracy, School Circles: Every Voice Matters, that will be shown later at the IDEC conference as well as some practical tools you can use right away. It concludes by touching briefly on other modern practices that can enrich and expand the democratic process, like Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, and Agile (used in software development).