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Bhim Singh Saud: Democratic environment setting in School
(A report of Heartland Academy, Kathmandu Nepal)

Presentation Abstract

Heartland Academy is an internationally supported democratic school. It is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the only Democratic and Nonviolent School which imparts quality and life-skill based education in a democratic environment since 2008. The main motto of this school is “Creating Opportunity through Quality Education”. Quality education, different departmental facilities such as Music Department, Sports Department, Cooking Technology, Arts and Crafts Department, Counselling Department, First Aid, Agriculture Site, Science Department, Computer Department and Library to the students are provided by the school. These departments remain open throughout the week, students and teachers use them as per their need and interest. We also have Democratic Thursdays- students are free to choose and visit any department based on their interests, the teacher is just a facilitator to resolve issues, thereby showcasing democratic education at its best.. Instead of a 3 hour exam, our school has CAS (Continuous Assessment System) as the former is not scientific to measure all aspects of learners. In CAS we evaluate students’ performance on the basis of their engagement and project. Similarly, for the welfare of students we have (DEAR)Drop everything and Read program, Spellodrome program, Your tutor program, Mathematics, computer literacy program for students and guardians, language class, The Connect Plus(TCP), Skype Session, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics( STEM), Weekly Class meeting, Starts Up Program for college students and Master Speaker Class system.