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Meenakshi Umesh: Puvidham Learning Centre

Presentation Abstract

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Natural Learning Process

To remove bookishness of knowledge and make the educational process at school also a continuum of their own natural learning process and life - which means that the primary medium of acquiring knowledge is experience (through the five senses and a sixth sense of logic)


To create an educational process that has non-violence at its core. In conventional systems there is an extreme imbalance of information and experience which creates Dissonance and leads to internal and external violence. This curriculum is being evolved with the idea of nonviolence as both the process and the product

Experiential Learning

To create a learning environment which Stimulates and Facilitates experiential progression of knowledge in the child’s mind.

Synthesis of Knowledge

Creating an attitude among teachers and other stakeholders of the curriculum process, that the knowledge process is organic and naturally needing (the learner) to cultivate the ability to connect and synthesize pieces of information, and that this can be greatly enhanced by making something with their own hands; learning is a continuous process and while crafting objects with their hands the children are able to relate to the concepts with understanding of their connections with everyday life.

Autonomy / Self-reliance

Creating a learning environment and process that incorporates autonomy and self-reliance of each unit - be it teacher, child, a class, the school and so on. This manifests in the curriculum process by necessitating the participation and ownership of both, the teacher and the child in the development of the curriculum itself thereby making it dynamic, evolving and responding to the situation at hand and a changing world and society

Indigenous ways of knowing - Integrated / multidisciplinary

To acknowledge, validate and deepen dialogue with indigenous and traditional knowledge systems and ways of knowing. A key manifestation of this in the curriculum is the integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to subjects.


Character building by sensitizing the child to his/her own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses in a co-operative environment. Providing scope for children with lesser interest in academics to relate to the concepts in other ways and thereby inspire them to pay attention to academics.