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Farm2Food Foundation: Farmpreneur

Presentation Abstract

There has been a big gap between the reality of rural areas and the kind of education that has been consistently dispensed through Government schools. The urban model of education has been able to create unsuccessful literates who are alienated from the immediate surroundings in villages across the country. In about 12 Lakh schools situated in rural areas across the country, this model has been creating havoc among the students enrolled. Farm2Food Foundation along with local communities has designed a rural model of education called ‘Farmpreneurship’. Student in government schools are encouraged to design and set up ‘School Nutrition Gardens’. Students collect seeds and saplings through ‘Beej Daan’ yatra held across the village. Parents are requested to do ‘Shram Daan’ in the garden as well. Local herbs and vegetables are grown in a completely organic and local process. These vegetables are sold to school Mid Day Meal authorities. Students also prepare vermicompost. These are used in the garden as well as sold to farmers. Each student has a savings account in the Bank nearby which helps the student experience a complete entrepreneurship project. Each activity in Farmpreneur is mapped to the science and mathematics textbooks of class VI, VII, VIII and the School Nutrition Garden becomes an open science laboratory for the infrastructure deficient schools in the rural areas.
This project has created spaces for local communities to contribute meaningfully through Beej Daan, Shram Daan and Gyan Daan. A local farmer teaching farming in school along with the science teacher is a reality here in Farmpreneur schools.
Students have slowly inspired their parents to go organic and start Agri entrepreneurship. The story of Ms Bharti Hazarika has been covered in several media.
This is the beginning of the journey towards taking back the ownership of education. Agriculture is slowly coming back into the hands of local communities and their children