Presentation Abstracts

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Ana Pinto
The Importance of space in education
Meenakshi Umesh
Puvidham learning centre
Philipp Klaus
Play:GroundNYC - Adventure Playgrounds
Vishnuteerth Agnihotri
Educating versatilists for the future
Manickam (Manix) Narayan
Breaking Barriers with Sport - Ultimate Frisbee
Manoj Krishna
Game for life, introduction to bridge
Indumathi Rao
Inclusiveness in schools in south asia
Olga Leontyeva
Democratic education in the mass school
Aruna and Raghavan
Shikshayatan School:Abodes of Learning
Aarohi Life Education
From dependence to Independence to Interdependence
Vandana Saxena
Diversity Pedagogy Tribe: From 'I' to 'Us' Evolving Paradigm of Learning Together
Captain Preetham Madhukar
Apprentice Model of Education for High Schoolers & Beyond
Shashi Nair
Large Scale Change - The challenge for Democratic Schools in India
Farm2Food Foundation
Dr. Neha Vakharia
Oasis Friendship Camps
Prasad Alagunti
Impact of schooling on my life and work: Neelbagh
Hardik Kakkad
Neevam The School: Experimental Education and Mindfulness
Kanak Prabha Jain/Pallavi Bhat
Democracy for the youngest child( 0 to 3 yrs)
Pria Ashok
Creative Movement Therapy
Nritujuna Naidu
Power Petals: Understanding Identity & Discrimination
Ian Cunningham
It’s About Empowerment
Gerard Aartsen
Education for World Transformation
Bhim Singh Saud
Democratic environment setting in School
Isha Sheth and Asawari Mathur
Shaishav Child Rights
John Buck
Democracy...Sociocracy… And Even Beyond
Shashvat Concept School
Shashvat Initiatives
Samskaara School
Going with the flow” In search of the river and much more.....
Pooja Pandit
Unboxing The Earth School
Shaista Kurba
A test of Self-Determination Theory in schools
Ashok Subramaniam
A brief about Sociocracy3.0
Prema Rangachary
The Vidyavanam story